Meet Your Hosts


Andrew Langford has been called many things in his life, but he never expected one of them to be “podcast host”. And then he met John, and everything changed. Well, at least one thing. He is extremely grateful for his podcast partner, the willingness of his guests to be open with complete strangers and that he has a mother who was willing to convert a room into a podcast studio. But seriously, mom, how many Olympians were stopping by before we started the podcast?

Thanks to everyone for the support, and if it’s made even a slight difference in the life of one person, it’s been worth every painstaking moment in editing.

He spends much of his non-podcasting time running an awesome mobile bartending business, Twist of Fate Craft Cocktails, with his amazing partner Sarah, working as a Leadership Development Coach as a specialist in the hospitality field and exploring the wilderness whenever possible. Golf, soccer and cooking are things that he attempts regularly but would like to see some improvement in.


John George Close (the George is silent) is a small business owner and co- host of the ridiculously popular, future award winning and hope to be sponsored soon podcast, Obstacle Course! John feels both lucky and grateful to have such a dashing co-host in Andrew Langford. John is also a father of three grown kids and one adult wife. When he’s not running his business or recording his podcast, John’s writing his bio, running up local mountains and devouring great cinema/ salty foods. Obstacle Course is John’s passion project and he is inspired by his guest’s courage and vulnerability every week.