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A HUGE thanks to Tonya Kilmer for referring Ashley and Chris Lewar to us. 

For the record, Ashley’s Hair is – Black, Purple, Blue and some Pink.

John’s currently considering going purple in the beard.

Yes, that’s a big dog you just heard. Our guests were NOT vomiting.  Angus was just saying hello.

John likes a cookie as much as the next Bernese Mountain Dog Malmute.

If you haven’t heard of Wim Hof, you’re probably new to the Podcast. 🙂 So welcome!! As you can hear, Angus the dog LOVES Wim.

Wim is uninhibited by adult constraints. He’s our kind of guy.

In a roomful of black and white, Wim is the colour.

The best part of the Wim Hof method is it’s NOT contained to Wim. It’s available to everyone no matter who you are and what you’re current challenge is.

Like Wim, Chris and Ashley used their greatest pain to find healing and ultimately a new life and career!

Chris was a plant based chef and Ashley was a Holistic Personal trainer specializing in women’s health. They were both always interested in natural healing methods and nutrition.

Ashley and Chris met at an airport while travelling. Ashely is from Vancouver, Chris is a New Yorker! As extreme athlete and high performers, travelling, exploration and adventure was a HUGE part of their early years together. 

On one such adventure to Indonesia, Ashley got super sick and was bedridden for a few weeks. She only got better when Chris found a local healer named Jiro who literally made a potion (Jamu) from the plant of a local root. This was their first introduction to the power of healing elixirs that would one day become Antidote Healing Elixirs.

If you are looking to find healing, you NEED to connect with Ashley and Chris. Here’s their website where you can purchase their incredible elixirs.