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For this episode, we brought back three elite athletes to discuss the state of athletics, exercise, and competition in 2020. 

In this episode we have a Gold Medalist, Ironman Triathlete and a beastly Business Owner.  Episodes, 4, 27, 36. 🙂  Welcome back to the podcast, Adam Kreek, Sara Gross and Simon Young!

This episode has a lot of buzz! Sorry by the way, also, you’re welcome. It’s 

Simon’s 3 Keys to success in training and life

  1. Show Up
  2. Do the work
  3. Ask questions

Citizen athletes. Nice. Accurate yet not offensive 🙂 

Adam’s muscle garden sounds amazing!!

Ready for a new challenge? Try the Murph!

A great cure for depression is to get out of the way of yourself.

“As a pro athlete, being self absorbed was a strategic advantage. Post sports, it’s less of a strategic advantage.” Adam Kreek 

Missing Pro Sports? The Last Dance documentary on Netflix is INCREDIBLE. 

Check out Sara’s latest podcast – Unfazed!

Adam’s accents are the best. haha.

Rocky Rocky Rocky Rocky!!!! #4