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A huge thanks to Club Kwench for hosting us! 

If you missed the Victoria BLM Rally, it was an incredible event

Our guests today are none other than the great Pamphinette BuisaVanessa Simon and Asiyah Robinson. We stand with them. 

“We will never understand but we will stand with you.”

Isolation is at the heart of racism. Until we are equal, we will be separated. 

We all need and deserve a place to belong.

Confidence comes from a place of belief and truth deep within.

Vulnerability is crucial in being able to share your voice.

Dave Chappelle’s George Floyd tribute is powerful. “I didn’t have to speak up because the streets were crying out.”

Not racist is not a thing. You’re either racist or anti-racist. Part of the problem or part of the solution. Check out Ibram Kendi’s amazing book on “How To Be An Anti Racist.”

Being not racist is NOT enough. Be Anti-Racist.

Canada is just like everywhere else. Racism is alive and not well.

For more information on micro-aggressions

Apologizing and being polite can be an obstacle to real dialogue. 

“Silence is Violence.” 

“Hurt People hurt people.”

Deflection of Responsibility – don’t wait for someone else to step up and do what is right! 

We are individuals in a collective society so we must look out for others and stand up for each other. 

You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable if you hope to move forward and make a difference.

Vic Sees. Vic Hears. Fists Up. 

Equality means its OURS. 

If you’re concerned about the COVID-19 threat at the BLM Rallies, consider this: Our Black brothers and sisters have lived with a far more deadly pandemic for centuries. 

If you’re curious about the origin of Black Lives Matter. 

BLM exists in the hearts and minds of everyone. It can never be closed or destroyed. That is why it ultimately is a movement of Hope.

“All Lives can’t matter until Black Lives Matter. We’re asking for human rights. We’re asking for the right to live.” 

“When we’re divided, it’s easy to conquer. When we’re unified, movements can happen. We’re calling you to action, to step up and stand up for someone else. We’re calling you to action to invest in this community.”

“We’re not doing all the work for you. We’re letting you know what you need to do but you need to decide how far you can take it. We’re looking for educated allies.”

“What can you do? Start with your skill and expertise and use your current position to make a change.”

Resources for Change: Once we know better, we can do better.

“We’re so rain-soaked in racism, we don’t even know it until someone hands us an umbrella.” Ibram Kendi. 

Here’s your Umbrella. Start Here. 

Documentary: Netflix’s 13th Documentary

Books: How to be An Anti Racist,  White Fragility.

Why do we think the things we think and where is it coming from?

Success is the process and journey we take to achieve the outcome we desire.

Success won’t happen unless the next generation continues the work and builds off us.

Progress is impossible without conversation.  

Don’t play it safe. Nobody got to the end of their life and said, “oh, I’m so glad I played it safe.”

This is the beginning. What happens next is up to us. 

A HUGE thank you to Coco Jones for donating her original painting of Nipsey Hussle who was tragically murdered in 2019. Please bid on this work of art HERE and all monies will go to the Black In BC Community Support Fund for COVID-19.