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For our first interview, we played it safe and interviewed John’s good friend Maeve McGuire. We knew Maeve had the gift of gab and could carry us if it turned out we didn’t. She didn’t disappoint! And we didn’t sound too bad either. This one will always be special. Thanks Maeve!!! 

  • Whole Foods makes amazing custom Burritos and just so happens to be the site of our first recording. It’s also the site of our post recording lunch, nearly every Wednesday. They really should sponsor us. We’ve earned it. 
  • Insanity has been called, “the hardest workout on DVD” but since it came out over a decade ago, Shaun T has upped his game and developed even harder workouts. If pushing your body to the limit/ puking in your garage is your idea of a good time, you’ll love it. Besides, if Maeve, can do it, anyone can do it. She’s like a semi athlete. (her words). 
  • Maeve thrives when she’s experiencing a physical challenge with others. We both related to her for sure. This can be seen in her stories of playing college basketball for the U of A Pandas, rowing on the river Thames and taking on the Insanity workout with John. 
  • Maeve was raised by involved parents who instilled her with a strong desire to honour her commitments and not back down from challenges. If you want your kids to be resilient, lead the way through your example and for god sakes, don’t be a helicopter parent.
  • Fear is a part of success. We must learn to feel it and do it anyway. If you believe strongly enough in what you are doing and you’re passionate about it, those values will trump your fear. 
  • “Not doing something because of fear is a step back in human progress.” – Maeve 
  • If you have a vision for what you want to do in your life but are scared to try, meet someone is already doing what you want to do. Spend time with them. This will begin to eliminate the fear of the unknown and give you the confidence you need to move forward. 
  • Many people are what John calls, “comfortably miserable”. They have little financial concerns but they are not living according to their values or honouring their true self. John lived like this for years before taking the leap and experiencing transformation. 
  • Are you comfortably miserable?
  • What is the top of your mountain? What do you hope to leave as your legacy?