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Curious where Andrew and John go for lunch every week? The Fig!

Three cheers for Ian “Chiz” Chisolm for showing boldness by asking to come on the Podcast again. If you missed his first appearance, you can check it out here

Pixar rules. Inside Out 

At press time, it looks like the NHL will award a Stanley Cup in 2020! Go Oilers! 

Here’s Ian’s excellent interview with Chek News.

“Emotions are like kids in the car. Don’t let them drive but also don’t lock them in the trunk.” 

We can react (emotions are in charge) or respond (we are in charge of our emotions). 

Dr Bonnie Henry is steady without being emotionless. People trust leaders who can show appropriate emotion. She had led British Columbia through the worst crisis in decades.

COVID has been a massive resilience test for this current generation. 

We are built for challenge. Resilience is our birthright!

We need to have an appetite for adversity. 

Leadership is example. 

What does our fear tell us about who we are?

Hope and positivity can be unhelpful if we use them as a way to run away from our present pain and suffering. We must embrace what is even if what is hurts. We’re big enough for both positive and negative experiences.

“I was literally in the business of social proximity.” Ian reflecting on the impact Covid has had on his business.

If it’s not broke don’t fix it. But sometimes we should break stuff to practice building it back up.

Robert Henderson’s 4 Disciplines of Leadership: Reflection Inquiry Pause Action. Treat each discipline as different gears. Don’t get caught in between gears!! 

Anxiety often manifests itself as either underperforming or over performing. Best to avoid the extremes and find the helpful middles. 

Master of Metaphors. John Close. 

I repeat. We are NOT approaching the End Times.

It’s time for smart people to question everything and extract as much significant change from COVID as possible.

How might this be the best thing to ever happen to us?