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It’s true. John was a man of the cloth. He talked about his career as a minister and subsequent break from faith in an earlierepisode. He also spoke about the toll this took on his mental health. 

I swear Andrew was going to say, “numb your nuts.” In fact, I stand by my claim.

John shared the charming story of when he tried Cannabis for the first time at the Empress – in the introduction of Jana’s amazing episodeSpoiler Alert: John lost all motor functions and ended up naked and afraid. 🙂 

Escape can be an excellent form of self care. Just don’t let escape become a lifestyle.

Adam’s excellent episode/ doughnut metaphor can be found here

Zoom’s audio is still not that great. That said, the sound did have to travel clear across Canada so it’s possible I still don’t understand how sound works…

GAFF is Fabian and Juliane’s Charity and it stands for Global Alliance Foundation Fund / Give a Fuck Factor

GAFF’s 4 Pillars of Healing

  1. Treat the Symptom with the proper band-aid
  2. Treat the injury/trauma with a medical professional eg. Psychologist
  3. Holistic healing eg. Yoga
  4. Rediscovering a sense of purpose

Gabor Mate is an expert on the link between trauma and addiction.

“A lot to unpack there.” Andrew’s favourite phrase 🙂 

The silencing of woman’s voices throughout history is a stain on our humanity.

IED (Improvised Explosive Device)

The real tragedy of Fabian’s post military career is he did everything he was asked to do and took everything he was asked to take… and that was precisely what led to his illness and addiction. 

The Secret is a best selling self help book that promotes the law of attraction and the power of manifesting our dreams.

“You can’t dream and shit happens. You have to dream and take action.” Fabian Henry

“Spirituality is learning to trust yourself.” Juliane Nowe

Manifesting is about taking action on things you deeply value and then giving the gifts you receive back to the world. 

Magic is something we create. 

Cannabis still doesn’t have a DIN # (Drug Identification Number) making it very difficult to become accepted and prescribed for its medicinal properties.

Cannabis 2.0 = Pure extracts in pen form.

“Grandma loves her CBD.” 

For more information on Cannabis check out Fabian’s Canada House Clinics.

For more information on Juliane’s work, check out her website. 

“Know that you know!”