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Welcome…… to the Podcast! 🙂 And happy 2020!

We’re thankful to Jim for meeting both of our needs in this episode! 🙂

Jim first appeared on episode 40- Small Business Big Day!

Andrew’s right, Rusell did throw a phone! The hotel employee was not entertained.

“We got our bibs on.?!!?!” Nice one Andrew.

Ryan Holiday’s newest book is incredible. John has managed to “listen” to half of it..on audio…while doing something else.. He also bought it for Andrew as a Christmas present.

Oxford Blues folks. Check it out.

“I never do well when people say I can’t do anything.” JG

Jim was a “weak asthmatic kid” who shouldn’t have been able to run 3 miles and take up rowing. We are stronger than we think. And we can change our identity.

Do you have a safety net? It’s a sign of strength because it allows us to soar even higher knowing the fall won’t be fatal.

Rudy!! Incredibly inspiring and the #1 movie that men cry in.

“I’m not going to let Asthma control my life anymore.” JG

What is currently controlling your life that you need to let go?

Rob Lowe. Are you listening? Loved you in Parks and Rec.

We have so much to learn about our humanity from monkeys.

Jim’s off Broadway production was called Schools of Fish. Well done Jim!

Is your life a performance for others? Learn to play to the audience of one. Your true self.

“Instead of wanting to be recognized, be comfortable being you.” JG.

Our identity must be connected to our values.

Jim’s remembering of 911 is haunting. We’re thankful for his vulnerability in sharing his memories.

When we don’t like who we are, we look for an escape.

“I wanted that notoriety. I wanted that attention. It was my drug.” JG

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the real deal folks. Super nice onscreen and in real life. He asked “Jimmy” to spot him many times while working out.

Terrence Malick is a legendary film director known for his visual masterpieces and gripping story telling. It’s definitely not traditional cinema folks so bring your open minded glasses. The New World and The Tree of Life are just two examples. The latter being one of his very best and a favourite of both John and Jim.

“It is poetic.” Colin Farrell sounds likes a solid dude. Decent tipper too.

“At the end of the day, I struggled with trying to be somebody as opposed to being content with who I am.” JG

“Everybody gave me attention but I wasn’t happy and I fed it. But it was all bullshit. I made choices that were not in alignment with who the true Jim is.” JG

Why weren’t all the accolades and attention enough for Jim? Because there was no contribution there.

“The first step to changing anything in your life is awareness.” JG

“Service to others. That’s what lights my fire.” JG

Jim created the Inspirational 30. An interviewed based television program on Shaw TV.

“I had those stereotypical moments where I was on the floor…. sobbing, broken, humiliated. In pain. Guilt. Losing my kids in a sense for that time. Losing myself. Turning to alcohol to help numb that. My rock bottom was my rock bottom. And the climb out has been amazing. Tough, but amazing.” JG

“Everyone’s got micro stories that handcuff them. And no one should be handcuffed.” JG

Here’s the 4 C’s that are helping Jim crawl out of his rock bottom.  These are not 4 steps but inter-connected displines.

  1. Courage
  2. Confidence
  3. Consistency
  4. Contribution

It’s not about happiness. It’s about joy. Joy is so much more of an intricate, powerful essence then just being happy. JG.

Interstellar is amazing. It’s the rare science fiction movie that gets both the science and the fiction right.

The most complex thing in the world is simpliicty. Simple but not easy.

If you’ve made it this far, Jim and Leapzone Strategies are pleased to offer you a free Master Class for your continued developement!

“Who we are is how we lead. ” AL