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We are joined today by Jeff Sorensen, founder of the Breath Army.

We changed the intro. Deal with it. Also, Happy 2021!! 🙂 

If you are interested in learning more about The 75HARD Challenge, listen to this informative and inspirational episode by the creator.

Andrew and Sarah’s Hard mantra: 

 “We can do hard things. We choose to do hard things. We become better by doing hard things. We see out hard things to do.”

Everybody breathes. Not everybody connects with their breath. Breathwork 

Breathing is a behaviour. 

We need to up our breath game. 

As humans, we have a tendency to seek out what we know. This can get us into trouble. 

At rock bottom, Jeff choice life over death. He mentioned a “sense of something that was left undone.” 

Yes, you heard correctly. Jeff worked for the Sinaloa Mexican Cartel!

From the Cartel, Jeff went to Wim Hof. Here’s Tim’s great conversation with The Iceman!

Go here to join Jeff’s Breath Army or be notified when his book is released.