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This is the final part of our three part conversation on what happened to Ben Kilmer. In this final episode, we discuss how Tonya was able to endure  this traumatic time and we also discuss prevention. 

You can and should listen to Heather McLeod’s excellent episode here. She shares openly her process of grief after losing her 38 yr old husband, Brock, to cancer. It’s one of our top downloaded episodes of all time for a reason.

We all have a fail-safe to get through life’s traumas.  Kelly McGonical writes and speaks extensively on stress, how to manage it, and how it can even be a good thing. 

Spirituality tends to come up in many of our episodes. Although, Andrew and John are not religious (John was a Christian Pastor for decades and discusses his loss of faith in his episode) they are both very spiritual and find their connection through time spent in nature.  Spirituality can be transformative in times of trauma and stress but can also be a crutch if leaned on permanently. 

“I had to find against depression every single day.” TK

“I never knew what it could feel like to suffer an emotional death. Nothing compared to the pain of this loss.” TK

Exercise can be more effective than any anti-depressant. Movement is key. 

The Obstacle Course never ends, we begin again every day. 

“We just gotta keep pushing play.”

For more information on or to experience Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, reach out to Dr. Bill Code. 

Self awareness (knowing yourself) is essential in learning how to come back from trauma. Give yourself what you need and be gentle in how you speak to yourself. 

The most courageous thing you can ever do is call 911 or ask for help. It takes strength to fight for your or a loved one’s life. Do not hesitate to do what you need to do to save a life. 

“I am certain calling 911 would have saved Ben’s life.”

Isolation is deadly and we must be militant in maintaining strong connections in our families and our communities. 

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We’d like to thank Tonya and The Kilmers for trusting us to host these crucial conversations.