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It’s worth sticking around to the end folks.  

“Dainty but sharp.” The worst kind of sharp. 

John has a scissor fetish. Deal with it. Also, you should buy one of Angie’s scarfs. 

John also has a Jalapeño Havariti cheese fetish. 

“Fool me once. Strike one. Fool me twice. Strike 3.” – Michael Scott

Daniel Erichsen – Insomnia Insight

It’s CBT not CBD folks. One letter. Big difference. 

Not everyone needs 8 hrs of sleep. Listen to your body.

The only way to get past insomnia is to stop fighting it. Embrace it. Be ok with it. Anxiety works the same way.

“You have to be willing to have insomnia to get past it.” Nick Wignall.

Train your brain to not see sleeplessness as the enemy.

Sometimes sleep aides backfire as they convince our brain that sleeplessness is an adversary to be conquered which then puts us in a fight mode. Anxiety is not far away.

Let it be! Let it go! You may need a professional to help guide you through.

Be gentle with yourself. It’s completely normal to lose sleep over COVID, job loss, financial struggles. Fighting this feeling only makes it worse. Be ok with the restlessness and you’ll find rest. 

It’s so true and so difficult. We must learn to make peace with the difficulty.

Here is Daniel’s excellent YouTube channel – Insomnia Insight. 

Chris Manley – Resthouse Sleep Solutions

An expert helps make you aware of needs you didn’t know you had. 

One thing will not fix your problem. A mattress is a start but there’s much more to consider. Body pillows. Mattress toppers. Temperature regulation. 

Sleep is the ultimate healer. 

“If you toss and turn a lot, that’s because you’re uncomfortable in you body and mind.”

If you’re ok with a bad sleep experience, you’re ok with a bad 30 years of your life. It’s NOT the norm.