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If you think John’s voice sounds..fuller.. it only took 40 episodes for him to learn how to speak directly into the microphone. #fastlearner

Poor Andrew. He coughed and hacked like a 70-year-old chain smoker. He survived though and we sure didn’t let that stop us from recording.

We obviously loved saying the phrase, “knows her shit.”

3 cheers to Andrew’s vulnerability in this episode. It’s not easy for a grown man to talk about his tummy ache. #ohburn.

Too much salt and sugar can be breeding grounds for anxiety. Be mindful. Start a food bullet journal.

Just because you’ve eaten something every day for the past 20 years doesn’t mean you should.

Episode Notes


Good question: Why did I stop doing that?

When are you at your best? Know your circadian rhythm and plan accordingly.

Sacrificing sleep is not brave, bad ass or a sign of a good entrepreneur. It makes you less effective.

Next Roundtable Discussion Topic: The Science of Sleep. Look for it this spring.

What’s your night-time habit? Stay away from blue lights (phone, computer, iPad before bed)

Comfort foods might be the most uncomfortable thing you could eat. Be mindful and aware.

A HUGE thanks to Yvonne for her willingness to be so open in discussing her specific health challenges surrounding gut health and bowels. Yet another master class in vulnerability!

The irony of John saying, “serious violent attack” while Andrew is coughing his lungs out, wasn’t lost on us.

Studies have shown 65% of people who suffer from IBS experience depression.

“Suck it up Princess” isn’t a great phrase… unless you work for Disney.

For Yvonne, her IBS was directly related to an undiagnosed gluten allergy. If you frequently suffer bouts of irritable gut and bowel health, don’t just mask the symptoms with meds. Look within, listen to your instincts and consult a professional. Life’s too short to suffer needlessly.

Mindful eating and drinking are essential folks. Coffee makes John anxious so he limits himself to 1 coffee a day.

Health is SO MUCH MORE than just a number. Your weight is one indicator.

Know the difference between science and clever advertising. Consider the source. If you’re getting your health tips off social media, be skeptical.

Depression is not only a chemical balance. There’s so much more to the story. Check out the award-winning book Lost Connections for a brilliant and holistic approach for both the diagnosis and treatment of depression.

Our infatuation with Anti Bacterial everything is making us sicker. Bacteria is about balance. We need bacteria to remain healthy. The key is balance.

Twinkies and fast food aside, health is not about eating good food and avoiding bad food. It’s about discovering which foods are good and bad for you! This takes self-reflection, mindfulness and the help of an engaged and informed professional, like Yvonne! 🙂

Hypothetically, let’s say Andrew has a gut challenge. What would you suggest Yvonne? 🙂

Drinking lots of water is your free daily miracle! Get a convenient bottle and carry it with you. You’ll notice a huge difference in your energy, mindset, skin and colour of your pee-pee.

Tip: Don’t drink a lot of water at mealtime. It’ll dilute your stomach acid and make the digestion process more challenging.

Stay away from disposable bottled water. It’s not better than tap water and terrible for our planet.

“Stop drinking out of your pool folks.” 🙂

“It’s not about how many changes you make but how many you keep.” YK

Tip: Bone Broth is amazing for your gut! And super soothing too.

Alcohol drastically affects our microbiome. That said, enjoy responsibly.

Self-awareness is critical to health.

Here’s the great website on the clean 15 and dirty dozen veggies that Yvonne mentioned.

If you want to learn more or connect with Yvonne, join her growing Facebook Page!

Hot Tip: A food elimination diet can be super helpful in identifying those things are making you sick.