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Intro Notes

We flipped the mic around today and the result was a challenge for both of us – yet – well worth the journey.

Fact Check: We’ve done 29 episodes. not 30. We have no idea why we lied.

Roman’s episode came out last week! You can give this remarkable episode a listen here.

You can listen to Blair’s excellent episode right here! It was episode #12. John will be an upcoming guest on Blair’s popular podcast Shipwreck over Safety, a podcast that discusses matters of faith, doubt and living according to your truth self. John’s episode comes out September 25th.

Here’s the Cruise Ship John took with his family. Alaska was unforgettable.

Hiking the Chilkoot Trail is on both of Andrew and John’s bucket lists!

We finally have a really fancy website! A HUGE shoutout to Jesse and his team at Stikky Media. If you’re looking for a professional company to improve your look and help you get found on line, look no further then Stikky. They continue to take great care of us and we are extremely grateful!

The purpose of our website is to continue the conversation and dig deeper. We’ll be writing blog entries, expanding our show notes and you can even see our mini bios. Please engage and let’s grow together!

Episode Notes

Yes, Andrew edited his own episode. If you want to hear the rest of the story, we’re looking for sponsors so… 😉

Similar to the night we met, Andrew and I jumped into the deep end right away in this episode.

In our excellent episode at the Deathly Matters Conference, Andrew discussed his experience as a child losing several family members.

When our values are connected with our purpose, we can experience joy and a deep sense of personal fulfillment.

When we don’t have a strong sense of intrinsic motivation we tend to look for validation from an outside source like social media.

Historically, Andrew has struggled to be vulnerable because he wants people to hold him in high regard. The secret to his success (and ours) has been learning to hold himself in high regard.

The Human Element was transformative in Andrew’s life. It is a program of personal growth that Andrew later became a practitioner in.

Andrew loves the Irish. It’s probably why we’ve had 2 Irish guests on the podcast. Maeve and Christine!

“Sometimes we don’t know we’re on the wrong path until we fall off of it.” -Andrew Langford.

Andrew joins a long list of previous guests who have learned how to become grateful for their rock bottom and embrace it as a solid place in which to begin again. In Andrew’s case, it was losing his job at the Resort but by embracing the event and pushing through he is now the owner of the spectacularly successful Twist of Fate Craft Cocktails.

“You can’t think yourself out of a bad mindset. Take action.” – Andrew Langford.

If you’re looking for a wise coach to help you define your own leadership, Andrew would be a great asset for you!