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Welcome to the Podcast! Today we speak with the remarkable Kara Robinson Chamberlain. When Kara was only 15 years old, she was kidnapped in broad daylight by a serial killer who stuffed her into a rubber maid container and took her back to his apartment where she was sexually assaulted over an 18 hour period. We talk to Kara about where she found the courage and resourcefulness to not only escape her restraints but help the police track down her captor. We also talk about the importance of sharing your story and how social media platforms like Tik Tok can actually make you happy. This! Is Obstacle Course.

Choose Your Reaction Wisely

Tik Tok Can Make You Happy

How Strong We Truly Are.

Have we mentioned that Andrew is an English major? 

Kara’s Tik Tok. She can make you happy!

Here’s the excellent episode from the wildly popular My Favourite Murder Podcast. It starts at the 32 min mark. 

For more information on Kara’s story and to connect with Kara, definitely go to her website.

Check out The Social Dilemma on Netflix. Incredible documentary about the power and toxicity of social media.

We also spoke about disassociation as a form of protection in our fantastic episode 42 with Suzanne Venuta.

The Body Keeps The Score is THE landmark mark on how the body reacts to traumatic stress. It’s a must read.

How did Kara escape?

  1. Strong Will to Survive. “I will escape.”
  2. Plan of Action
  3. Projected Positivty 
  4. Looked for her opportunity – Resourefulness
  5. Stubbornness. “I refuse to be a victim.”

“When suffering post traumatic stress and anxiety, remember, you’ve already done the hard part. You’ve survived. So you can do this because it’s not as hard. You get to choose your reaction.” 

Kara relies on her daily gratitude journal.

You can’t outthink trauma response. 

The Headspace App is a fantastic and convenient way to practice daily meditation. It also has dozens of helpful one minute videos that bring calm and perspective. John is on Day 85! And if he can do it, anybody can. 🙂  

For more information on repressed trauma, check out the landmark and mind blowing book, “It Didn’t Start With You.”

“It’s always been cathartic for me to just talk about what happened.” 

Kara’s media appearances including her excellent interview with Elizabeth Smart.

Kara points to exercise as key in her healing and recovery. Disassociation is NOT being in your body and exercise brings you back. 

You are literally stronger than you think. You already have the ability to get through whatever is coming.

Andrew has been a beast the past few months and is in the final days of the incredible online challenge 75 Hard. 

“Your body is listening and is already preparing for whatever your mindset is. Both positive and negative.”

“I’m very mindful of treating my kids like the adults I want them to be.”

If your kids never see you struggle they might wonder, what’s wrong with me?? Why do I struggle??

For more information on Kara’s story – you can connect with her here!