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While detail-oriented, Judy is not sentimental. Phew.

Fuckups happen folks. Embrace them.

Andrew and Ian own Star Wars costumes. #sexappeal

John’s Mentor Test: Look in the mirror.

A great mentor doesn’t help you become more like them, they help you become more like yourself.

Our gear reminded Ian of Mash. Boom.

Yet another thanks to Jason Dorland for connecting us with another fantastic guest.

Ian / Chiz, is a founding Partner of Roy Group which was named after his Grandfather. A fantastic mentor and leader.

Mastery is the conservation of effort. IC

Robert Henderson’s 4 discipline’s of leadership: Reflection, Inquiry, Pausing, Action. Action is the final thing.

Great leadership: Nothing more and nothing less than what’s required.

The Obstacle Course and the Hero’s journey never ends. We don’t arrive. It becomes our life’s work.

John’s golden bubbling metaphor was adorable and preceded his bubbling stomach – equally adorable.

We all need to be more self centred – centred in our true self.

The myth of the lone ranger, sleep deprived, bullet proof rock star entrepreneur is a lie. Any successful entrepreneur must learn to live in balance and focus on contribution.

Fuck up Nights is an international night of truth speaking where successful people stand up and share their most colossal Fuck Up. This is a very courageous and therapeutic act for the speakers and inspiring for the audience. Ian is the founder of the Victoria chapter.

Vulnerability both precedes and creates the trust.

Failure is chalk full of great information. IC

We all have our go to favourite failures that we need to learn from and work on eliminating.

All mentors are leaders. Not all leaders are mentors. The difference is intent. IC

The Potential Equation: Tim Gallwey. p=P-I. performance=Potential-Interference. The potential is there and is dying to come out it wants to connect with other people and be out of it’s own way. What’s in the way? It might be external or internal. Limiting believes? Self doubt? Fear? Insecurity? External Conditions?

As a leader, our job is not to activate potential in other people but remove the interference or block that’s getting in the way of their potential.

Before Luke Skywalker became a Jedi he was that annoying cousin we all like to avoid. The mentorship of Yoda and Obi-Wan was transformative.

The Inner Game of Tennis goes way beyond tennis.

We all need to take the time to distill down our own unique abilities so we know where are limitations are and most importantly, where we need help.

Ian’s distilled personal statement: Stir courage in honourable people.

What is your distilled personal statement?

Learning to let go is a doozy. But essential. Remember, Mastery is the conservation of effort.

Simon Sinek’s The Power of Why is a GREAT resource to help activate your life’s purpose. The truth is in your stories.

Indistractable is a GREAT resource to help you learn to focus.

Every business owner, employer and entrepreneur needs to avoid the temptation of hiring people who are just like them. Or because they like them.

Work smarter not harder!

If you’re looking for personal or organizational transformation, reach out to Ian and the good folks at Roy Group.

If you would like to find or participate in your local quarterly Fuck Up Nights, connect here.

Great bakers make great bread!

You are the work!

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