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For our final guest interview, we chose wisely. Josh Dueck is the quintessential obstacle course guest including a stunning story, professionally told and is now changing the world through his work. This is Part One of our conversation. 

Here’s the word John nearly hurt himself trying to pronounce. 

Despite John’s weird analogy, this episode really does have everything and is the essence of Obstacle Course. 

Andrew practiced for weeks to say  Chef De Mission.

For the record, Josh is a 3 time paralympic medalist, including gold! He’s also won an X games gold medal and the world championships.

John’s finger has healed nicely. His ego continues to be a work in process.


Josh is the first person in history to perform a backflip on a sit ski!!!  Here’s the iconic jump!

“We’re going to go make an effort today.” It turns out that’s all any of us can ever do. Wake up. Do the work. Rinse and Repeat. 

When we’re in the middle of doing our best work and aren’t distracted by ego or fear, serenity will guide the way. 

The Freedom Chair is a beautifully filmed award winning documentary about Josh’s iconic jump. It can be watched on Apple TV for the low low price of $3. 

Josh’s TED talk is raw, honest and incredibly inspiring. A must watch! 

Josh was only 23 at the time of his accident. In the moment before the jump, he remembers disregarding the warnings to impress a bunch of young kids.

“What is my why in this moment?” Fear may sometimes be a red flag from the body. It’s important to use wisdom and meditation to decipher normal fear from a legitimate warning from our higher self. 

We love you Ellen!! Just keep filming. Just keep filming. 

Here’s Josh’s excellent appearance on Ellen.

Josh’s Three Life Mantras

1. Everything happens for a reason

2. Nothing happens we’re not strong enough to deal with

3. Everything in my life has prepared me for this moment

The ambulance ride/rock bottom can feel like an eternity. But like every moment, this too shall pass.

“Things don’t happen to us, they happen for us.” Tony Robbins

The life affirming words from the Josh’s Doctor, “Gab,” were transformative and they are still close friends and neighbours to this day. At rock bottom, hope remains and becomes the light that sees us through.

Please join us for Part Two of this epic conversation. It will be released in February.