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For our final Obstacle Course interview, we’re excited/sad to share the second part of our conversation with Josh Dueck. In this episode, Josh shares his current obstacles and dreams for the future. 

For our final guest episode we let the music play us off… 

There is a Part One  to this conversation which you should listen before this. Because it’s Part One. And that’s what you do. 

Everything comes to an end. Like this Podcast. And Andrew and I. What can never end is our shared journey on the Obstacle Course as every day brings new challenges and opportunities for growth. 

Our final episode will air February 24, 3 years after we began. 


The death of our identity can often feel fatal. What we learn is this rock bottom can be a solid place to rise up and begin again.

Discipline creates freedom!

A space to just be. Meditation in Motion. 

Josh’s family motto: Listen, Be kind and Have fun! (Feel free to steal this)

Terry Fox, the greatest Canadian! This is a great book as is the series (little John grew up on this series as a kid). 

Grief, like exercise, is something we do every day. We never finish or arrive. We begin anew every day. It’s a process.

New T-shirt Idea? “I’m 40 and I can feel. And that’s fucking awesome.”

“Retiring from sport was harder than breaking my back.”

“It’s not going to be easy. But! It’ll be ok.”

To connect with and keep track of what Josh is doing, follow him on social media. 

Discipline is Freedom. 

“One of our favourite expressions is the obstacle course never ends – because we don’t get through all our obstacles until it’s all over and then maybe by then we’re the better for all the obstacles that we did end up participating in. It’s what brought meaning to our lives.” Andrew

“The challenges and traumas in our life remove the grit so we can see life more clearly.” Josh

“Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.” Nelson Mandela