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Leave your cell phones alone, folks. 

4 Pillars focuses exclusively on helping people get out of debt fast. They do this by helping people put together a plan to reduce their debt, reduce their payments, and help them to rebuild their credit and their financial life. They represent the person in debt only. Not the bank.

A Creditor is someone you owe money to.

An Entrepreneur can’t NOT do what they’re doing. It’s an itch they have to scratch. 

You know you’re on your own path when you’re bushwhacking. 

Resilience training helps build our courage muscle so we can take larger risks or leaps.

Benjy’s passion for surfing and snowboarding has familiarized him with pain and risk. 

Fail Forward Fast!

The NINJA Loan. Arrested Development is probably the greatest comedy of all time. 🙂 

Benjy’s financial reversal was a horrible slow bleed. Like a tooth extraction without an anesthetic. 

Robbing/Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and they both go broke. 

The most painful part is the stress of going backward and giving up your standard of living. 

When you have a major failure, think of it as a two-sided coin. There’s the failure and there’s the other side.

Celebrate your small wins as you start turn things around.

When you hit the rock bottom you have to find something, anything to continue to hope for.

If you can handle the stress of failure, it is often your next great opportunity. 

There are many great debt solutions before bankruptcy. A Consumer Proposal is one of those solutions. 

No matter what the current state of your finances is, you can make adjustments. Cut the non-essentials instantly. 

Our attachments to our stuff is what causes all our pain.

If we can get over ourselves, we can save ALOT of money. 

“When the tide goes out, you find out who has been swimming naked.” Warren Buffet

Debt does not equate with intelligence. 


“If you plan for Murphy, Murphy doesn’t seem to come along.”

If you find yourself in a financial reversal, step one is to assess needs and wants and STOP LOSING MONEY. Step 2 is track where every dollar is going. Take out a piece of paper and write it down.

There are many helpful budgeting apps like Mint although Benjy advocates even stronger for pen and paper and simply writing out your expenses.  

The sooner you take action, the better! Do it today!!

Our conversation with Riot Brewing is an EXCELLENT cautionary tale. If you haven’t listened to the episode, do it NOW! They waited too long to get help and missed out on better options for their future. 

If you are currently feeling hopeless or you can’t seem to get a handle on your debt, reach out to Benjy and his great team, here!

Relief is available folks. There is a way out.