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Amen is a common way to end a Christian prayer. John figured he’d change thousands of years of history just.. because.

We do love you listeners! Thank you for everything.


Let’s be honest folks… if everyone poops then everyone probably masturbates.

HUGE SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD: That part of the Podcast where John and Andrew spoil 3 perfectly good movies for no reason.

  • Ghost is a real movie with a REALLY cheesy sex scene. Patrick is very much alive and Whoopi is not the Ghost but a Pychic who later channels Patrick’s Ghost after he tragically dies. For the record, Andrew and John did NOT recreate this scene although would consider it if a potential sponsorship was in play.
  • Bruce Willis was dead, he just didn’t know it. Turns out, neither did anyone else.
  • The Usual Suspects has one of the best endings in Cinema history

“Dashing and often meandering.” 2 words that best describe John Close. Monopolize and Dominate may be close seconds.

John’s blog can be found here.

Sara Gross’s excellent episode can be found here.

The Oxygen advantage is an excellent book that can increase your health and decrease your breathing issues.

If you also haven’t thought deeply about the insult, “mouthbreather” here’s some more info.

Slow, deep, deliberate breaths are essential for handling difficult emotions. Try 4 seconds in, hold for 4 seconds, release for 4 seconds. Do this 3x. Repeat if needed.

Chris’s episode can be found here, Simon’s here.

We spoke about ancestral trauma in Episode 19.

We spoke about bullying and how it is, “full blown trauma,” in Episode 13.

Communion is a long standing weekly tradition in most Christian Churches. As a baptized believer, John took it every Sunday morning for 20 years.

The term, “dark night of the soul,” may have begun as a religious term but it has found its way into modern culture. The idea is a spiritual crisis or a crisis of self.

Honouring our truth or connecting with our true self is written about in the game changing book by Parker Palmer, “Let Your Life Speak.” This book was instrumental in John’s journey.

A large reason for the trauma John experienced in that first 2am session was a result of him not recognizing what was happening. Churches notoriously don’t talk about mental health but traditionally point people towards prayer and the reading of scripture. Anxiety and Panic feast off of one thought: I am not in control and I don’t know why. Once John came to know why, it was much easier to manage.

John has written on his dark nights, learning to be with his stressful thoughts and letting them in.

Thoughts might feel dangerous but they’re not dangerous. Listen to what they’re saying.

You don’t have to believe everything you think. – Thich Nhat Hahn

“Be alone with your thoughts, listen to what they’re saying and then have the courage to follow them. Despite what happens. It might mean a big life change but you’re already committed to change. Commit to better change. – John Close

Exposure therapy can be very effective in treating people with anxiety disorders.

We didn’t really follow the weed analogy but here’s what Andrew was referring to.

Here’s a great article and TED talk on the nature of Belief.

Sapiens is one of the best books to understand our humanity.

God of the Gaps is a theological perspective in which gaps in scientific knowledge are taken to be evidence or proof of God’s existence.

Andrew’s statement, “I’m pretty sure love always trumps disappointment,” was a beautiful moment and I’m grateful we experienced it.

“We are Post-Church but we can never be Post-Community.” – John Close

Vulnerability: “Being ok with your authentic self, the good, the bad and the ugly and being ok with sharing that with others.” – John Close

We started this Podcast for 2 reasons. #1. Host inspiring conversations with courageous people. #2. Create a strong community of like minded people. Thank you for being vulnerable and please continue to share your life with us!

If you are a Trump Supporter, we still love you haha 🙂 Thank you for listening.

Are our beliefs true? The onus is on us to do the work.

“The investment in deep careful thought is never a bad choice. It always pays dividends.” – Andrew Langford

John dislocated his shoulder last month at the top of Mount Prevost. He told the story in Chris’s episode – Episode 33.

Navigating aging is an obstacle course we all must experience. Are you ready?

If you are currently suffering from mental health challenges, it’s possible it is a result of not living according to your values. Do the work and look within. It’ll be the most important work you ever do.

John remains thankful for his mental health challenges as they have always been a barometer/compass to his true self. Get curious about your thoughts and emotions. Therein may lie your truth.

If you want more John (and who doesn’t) you can connect with him on Social Media and follow his blog at The Leaping Connection. John is also available for speaking engagements at your school, business, organization or next Event.