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Episode 66 is another transformative conversation as we sat down with the amazing Lindsay Knazan. A student of Eastern Philosophy and teacher of everyday Buddhism and yoga practices, Lindsay is a wealth of wisdom! Like all gurus, her training has come via her own pain and suffering. If we can learn to embrace these difficult emotions, we discover a freedom and strength we never knew we had.  We also discuss shame, anxiety, learning to love ourselves and the importance of PLAY.  

Andrew at 24… hmm… I can only imagine.

The Obstacle Course NEVER stops. 

John used to hoop it up. Rumour is he could even dunk. The older he gets, the better he was. Find your PLAY and get back into it! If hoops is your thing (Maeve) then message John, he’ll probably say yes! 

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Nice to meet you John. “I’m sure it is, I’m a great guy.” – John Close. Humble man. 

Beginning an episode with a guided meditation and some square breathing was amazing. We could get used to this. 

Anxiety doesn’t mean something is wrong with you.  

Fighting or fleeing from Anxiety will only guarantee more anxiety. Get curious about it, embrace it and it’ll flee from you.

Tough Mudder is the most fun you’ll ever have being in pain. 

John thinks in Clunky Analogies. 

“If we don’t listen to our body’s whispers, we’ll have to listen to its screams.” Lindsay

We can’t hide from our true selves. John spoke openly about this in his episode. 

We shouldn’t suppress that which needs to come out. 

Grief waits for a crack and then it comes through. 

Hanging out in joy can be harder than hanging out in pain. It takes even more vulnerability.

If we don’t learn to become more resilient in loss, we’ll become more brittle and ultimately end up as the crotchety old person.

Lean into the loss!

Andrew is a Blossomed version of Andy. 

Your life depends on you processing your grief and trauma. It’ll plague you until it wrecks you. 

Gabor Mate is a world-renown author and lecturer on the link between trauma and addiction. The book Lindsay referenced was When The Body Says No.

Strong Ass and Will. New Yoga Program?

Give some space to that voice within. Listen to its message voluntarily or you’ll be forced to.

Getting Curious instead of angry or anxious or following your usual overreactions, will really start to open things up for you.

Here’s the official quote from Nietzche:  “Be careful, lest in casting out your demon, you exorcise the best thing in you.”

“I’ve come to test the timber of my heart.” Lindsay’s Mantra.


Here’s a must-read book if you’re interested in everyday Buddhism/ yoga practices.

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Lindsay’s yoga biz website:
Here are a few free videos if you wish to explore yoga therapy, meditation and tai chi

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Here’s Lindsay’s private Facebook group where you can join for deeper conversations and community around Embodied Freedom, connecting to our truth, purpose, and a soul aligned life: Let Linsday know if you have any questions.