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Andrew and John. Because I like to put Andrew first… sometimes…..

Scott’s newest book The Wedge is incredible. Give it a read. As is his book about Wim Hof, What Doesn’t Kill Us.

Besides being a best selling author, Scott is an investigative journalist, TED speaker and anthropologist. 

If life is a song and it ends in a minor key, why not take risks!! SC

We’ve lost, we’re gonna die. So why not live an amazing life!!

As human beings, we’re not really using all of the tools we’ve been given. 

The Wedge is about learning how to separate the stimulus (stressor) from our response (stress). 

We have a choice in every situation.

Scott’s early book The Enlightenment Trap explores the dangers of meditation. 

Anxiety is your sympathetic nervous system getting you ready to act! Fight or Flight!

Our Limbic Librarian has an incredible memory but sucks at context. Our brain simply pulls up past reactions and then inserts it into our present experience. If we’re not careful, we’ll be repeating past reactions and fears and never living in the present.

The brain is both lazy and dynamic. We can decide to change our experience and that’s the beauty of people alive. Habits are powerful and form our lives. This is the best book on it. 

Forget the Placebo effect. Get to know the Nocebo Effect. The place where our beliefs create our reality.  Our mind is powerful. While we can’t “think away a bacterial infection,” we can fix chronic problems (like anxiety) in great and profound ways. 

“We are the way out of our problems.” Andrew Langford

There’s a boogyman for every symptom. If we fill our world with boogymen and see threats around every corner, we will be creating the reality in which we suffer needlessly.

To connect with Scott and read his earlier books, go here!