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For accurate information on the Coronavirus, check out the very informative WHO website. 

Here’s where Andrew and Sarah went on vacation. 

Here’s more info on John Gardener Pass where Andrew/Sarah almost died on the mountain.

Actual footage of Sarah and Andrew on the mountain – the moment the snow storm hit. 

“You get the journey you’re ready for.” Joseph Campbell

Like Jason Storie who continued to go caving after being trapped underground for the night, Andrew and Sarah plan to head back to the mountain.

Life Truth: You have to leave the tent!!

Memory Marker: A memorable experience that helps time fly by.

“We’d choose being on the top of a mountain in a snow storm over sitting down and watching TV and letting our lives escape us.” Andrew

Speaking of adventure, The Endurance is likely the greatest adventure story of all time. Shackleton is a legend for a reason. 

If you can’t relax here, you’ll struggle to relax there. 

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” 

“Concern happens in my head and anxiety happens in my chest.” Sarah 

“Suffering is resisting what is. Mindset controls experience.”

Don’t travel to try and run away from your bad life. It will follow you.