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For the record, here’s what the A&W and Darth Vader (The Imperial March) theme songs actually sound like.

Here’s the incredible Dateline Documentary about Adam and his crew’s attempt to row across the Ocean from Africa to Florida. They capsized in the Bermuda Triangle.

“You have to pay the tax if you want to have these divine experiences.” -Adam

Adam’s Stats: 2.5% (sublime) 2.5% (terror) 95% (Monotony/ Boredom)

Adam’s friend Markus Pukonen is currently circumnavigating the Globe without a motor… in a row boat! Follow him here! Routes for Change.

Our discussion on poop was on point. And here’s the point.

Adam’s excellent book, ‘The Responsibility Ethic,’ means we have the ability to choose our response.

If you don’t like the idea of stumbling down a mountain while chasing green ferries and waking up in a cardboard box, perhaps Absinthe isn’t the drink for you.

Adam’s British accent was a surprising addition to this episode. “Do you want to win a gold medal Adam?”

Team Canada’s crushing loss in Athens was nearly the end of Adam’s rowing career. He managed to rise up and win Gold 4 years later in Beijing.

Check out Adam’s excellent YouTube Channel where you can see videos of his amazing career as an Olympic Athlete, Open Ocean Explorer, TED talk and his current career as a World Class Coach, Speaker and Author.

The great Ron MacLean talking about the importance of Adam’s spontaneous singing of Oh Canada and what it meant to the nation.

Cocaine is more dangerous (and more expensive) than prayer. -Adam

Andrew’s wholesome sense of humour is adorable. That said, I think I speak for everyone when I say, Dough Not make those jokes anymore.

Unfortunately, incest porn is a real thing. Be warned. Shame traps people in unhealthy addictions. Fundamentalist religion often creates these unhealthy states.

The difference between guilt and shame is this: Shame means I am bad, Guilt means my behaviour is bad. Both are unhelpful and hould be avoided. Like doughnuts.

Adam’s use of the word, “doughnut,” broke all previous uses of the word on our podcast. If there was a gold medal for this… well.. he deserves it.

The Power of Habit is a fantastic book that can transform your relationship with your life.

Tim Bits of Wholeness. Coming soon to a better you.

Did we mention Adam has an incredible book called The Responsibility Ethic? Get your copy today!

Adam’s website is the resource you need to get to the next level.

If you’re looking for more details on Adam’s ocean adventure, check out the Dateline Documentary or pick up his book and read his account.

Adam gifted us with signed copies of his book. “To the Obstacles… may they always be there.” Amen.

You have 2 choices. Sit and eat doughnuts or set sail. Let’s set sail!