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Sharp, frank, and fearless, that’s Buddhist sex therapist, psychologist, author, and speaker Dr. Cheryl Fraser. With a rare combination of academic credibility, humor, straight-talk, and life-changing advice, she has helped thousands of couples jumpstart their love life and create passion that lasts a lifetime. She has taught for Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield, appears on countless podcasts, and writes about love and sex for magazines. 

And chocolate nipples! 

John’s at 45 days in a row now on  Headspace.

Great sex begins in your head!

Buddha in the Bedroom is a fantastic book! The link between mindfulness and being a good lover is real. 

You. Are. Normal. 

Long term couples include anyone in a relationship for 12-18 months or longer. 

The bio-chemistry of falling in love is the same as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Come As You Are. Another excellent book to check out.

You are not broken. You are in process. 

“Reaearch indicates the greatest predictor of mental well being, longevity and life satisfaction is having a quality romantic relationship.” Dr Fraser.

Marriage Inc. Are you comfortably miserable?

Libido means life force.

The average male orgasm lasts 7 seconds and the average female orgasm lasts 21 seconds. Get out the stopwatches people. Actually don’t. 

“Siri, please give me the route to her orgasm.” haha. 

Shame is a massive obstacle to healthy sexuality. 

“Nipple Nipple Crotch Goodnight,” can be indicative of a sexual slump or being a lazy lover.

When’s the last time you licked the back of your partner’s knees?

Sex isn’t necessarily the place where you should be efficient. 

It’s time we ACTUALLY got naked. 

No wet exits. Nice one Andrew. 

Maybe don’t eat fish chilli.

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Andrew prefers nipples to chocolate. You heard it here first. 

The brain assumes the chocolate is already in your mouth.

Chocolate Covered Nipples. Who doesn’t like the sound of this??

Don’t wait for a wakeup call to decide to make thrill a priority again. 

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