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30 years ago, Bobby McFerrin won a Grammy award for his extremely catchy song Don’t Worry Be Happy. As of today, over 162 million people have watched his video on YouTube.

What John lacks in musical ability he makes up for in a nice full beard.

This episode was recorded LIVE at the Ramada Inn in Duncan, BC. We were capturing the event chatter as well as interviewing some local business owners and presenters. A big thanks to the Duncan Cowichan Chamber of Commerce and Alec Wheeler for including us in their event plans!

The big 5 letter word that can ruin us all is….worry!

Thanks to Rick’s James St Cafe for the tasty sandwiches. His grilled chicken bacon mozza melt is to die for! John likes the classic egg salad on white.

Andrew and John are both successful entrepreneurs which has allowed them to pour a few days a week in this podcast. That said, they wouldn’t say no to a potential sponsorship opportunity. 🙂

We LOVE doing events!! If you’re looking for an X Factor, we’d like to be it. We can capture the chatter and go deeper with your presenters.


We had the pleasure of interviewing 6 people. Sadly, the audio from one of our interviews was garbled so we’ll look forward to re-recording with Chris from Resthouse Sleep Solutions. Sorry Chris!!

Riot Brewing – Ralf and Ally are such a riot. Learn how they didn’t give up on their dream and worked tirelessly for 7 years to make Riot a reality. Their greatest success is building business that reflects who they really are. Plus, their beer is delicious. We look forward to recording a full episode with them soon!

Isabelle-Mercier-Turcotte – Creator of the successful coaching enterprise, LeapZone Strategies, Isabelle talked to us about knowing your secret sauce, being authentic, how to truly connect with people, realizing what you’re tolerating and most of all, how to worry less. Isabelle was also the Key-note Presenter of this great event! We look forward to recording a full episode with Isabelle and her partner Margarita, at their beautiful Ranch in Nanoose Bay!

Jim Gardiner – Jim is a powerhouse coach with Leapzone Strategies. As we came to discover, Jim has one helluva story. Jim shared how he had it all but was miserable. Since this recording, we have sat down with Jim and recorded a full episode which will come out in the New Year. His life story will blow you away! One of the most interesting and dynamic people we’ve met.

Jean Cardino – Jean is the owner of the successful high end, uber comfortable Cardino’s Shoes, in Duncan, BC. Cardino’s has been selling quality made West Coast shoes like Blundstone’s for over 20 years competing directly with Wal-Mart and other “cheaper” options. Cardino’s is a great example of a small business who knows who they are and doesn’t apologize for it. We also spoke about the value of luxury brands and why it’s worth spending more money on high quality goods.

Adera Angelucci – Adera has spent decades both in front of and behind the camera and is a dynamic powerhouse motivator and presenter. Her real passion is breathing life into your story and she’s told over 2000 stories worldwide. Ultimately, consumers will be inspired to interact with you and your business once they know your real story. Adera and Spiro can make it happen! They are currently working on an upcoming documentary-series for Netflix!