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We’re thrilled to welcome Sonia Furstenau back to the Podcast. If you missed Part 1 of our conversation, we have remastered it and you can listen to it here! 

Let’s vote! 

Maeve’s not a day over…. for……t…something… You can catch our amazing episode with Maeve here! It’s our first ever Obstacle Course interview! 

We were FIRST!!! Suck it CNN. 

When in doubt, blame Maeve. #liferules

“I’m so inspired by the platform that we have. I look at it and I feel hopeful about the future. It’s a platform of solutions-oriented on what matters most -taking care of people.”

“It goes to something that is very core and has always been part of me, which is this idea that we can be better, we can do better, we can treat each other better and we can be kinder, more compassionate and empathetic.”

“I really do think we need to do politics differently. We don’t have to be terrible to the people we are debating with.”

You can catch our conversation with Olympian, Jason Dorland, right here! 

The root of the word competition means, “to strive together.”

“It’s so much better when we’re actually listening to each other. We should be striving together.”

“Things don’t happen to us. They happen for us.” Tony Robbins

We aren’t able to be fearful and empathetic at the same time. In fact, we aren’t able to be fearful and anything at the same time. 

Fear is the mind killer! 

Collaboration starts in your neighbourhood. 

I make the choice. Every day. Every moment. 

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