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Our guest today is local artist Coco Jones. 

While they appreciate great art, Andrew and John have no painting or drawing talent whatsoever. 

Coco Jones… coolest name in history. 

John seems to debut a new laugh in this episode. Similar to Cookie Monster. It’s lovely?

We’re everywhere folks. Even on Spotify. 

Coco’s daughter, Enya, was in studio for this one! Hiiiiiii Enya!!

“Art is a mad search for individualism.” Gauguin

“Art is anything you can get away with.” Andy Warhol

All artists long to be original in some way. 

Art is a compulsion. Something you can’t NOT do.

“The feeling I got from doing art was a conduit to the Divine. It took away my pain and suffering.” Coco.

Perfection is often the great escape from ourselves.

self.” We talked about this in our fantastic conversation with Lindsay in episode 66.

Coco’s Dad wanted her to be a lawyer and not a starving artist. Her compulsion won out.

“Fulfillment comes from doing what you want rather than what’s expected.”

Born to Run – Storytelling at its best.

A steamy affair with a military man brought Coco to the West Coast. “I kissed him and that was it.”

Parent’s don’t always know what’s best. “If you can allow your kids to be who they are, they will always come back to you.”

“I am one of those people whose inner child gets to run rampant through their existence.” Coco.

Why does it take more vulnerability to hang out in joy than sorrow or pain? Life is waiting for no-one. Joy is your job.

Does art create healing or does pain create art? Both. Your pain becomes the way and in the way.

Painting is never finished. You just learn when to stop. 

Nothing owes you anything. You have to show up. 

If Psychedelic medicine doesn’t call to you, stay away. You’ll know when it’s time. Plant medicine won’t give you anything you don’t need. The loss of control and purging aspects of Ayahuasca are difficult but the result is transformative.  It helps you own and face the sickness within.

“I was shown I was still holding onto the things I had long forgiven.” 

Parenting Moment: Never say to kids, “it’s just your imagination.” 

The job of plant medicine is not to remove or takeaway but help you embrace and take in.

“Our souls are so magnificent, we have NOTHING to be afraid of.” 

While drugs have often been used to numb or help the user escape. The purpose of plant medicine is to help you face and experience. Set and Setting is everything. 

“Plant medicine has helped me see where my art comes from.” Coco

To be clear, John said, “you look at an amazing pianist and they just play.” 

One key to a healthy relationship is a strong balance between dependance and independence. Each partner needs their space to create! 

“It’s difficult to be creative without a musical influence.”

“The only difference between people is tints, tones and shades.”

Black people don’t need your guilt. And it doesn’t inspire action.

“The War of Art.” Fantastic book. 

“The Muse isn’t going to wake you up. You still have to do the work.” 

We still have to prime the canvas. 

“I hope when people look at my art, they experience healing.”