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We’re excited to welcome local rock star, Jesse Roper, to the podcast. What a great guy. And super talented! You can check out everything Jesse, here! Jesse’s also very active on Instagram and Facebook.

23 years baby! Love you Ang. 

I feel like my and Andrew’s live music stories could have been reversed. No wonder we get along. 🙂 

The Golden Hinde is the tallest mountain on Vancouver Island. Jesse’s a beast. If you’re not ready for this 3-5 day hike, start with Mount Benson or Mount Arrowsmith.

To our Saskatchewan listeners…. we feel for you… kisses.

Resilience is often an artist’s most important tool.

The notion of an artist being in the “transportation,” business, is a topic we also discussed in our fantastic conversation with Coco Jones.

Here’s the American Idol story!!

Jesse’s song, “Anytime of Night is his most personal. Here’s his hair (and mind) blowing video.

“People will love you more for hanging it all out there than trying to be something you’re not.” Jesse 

“If you can capture the best parts of yourself and give them to people over and over again, you’re probably a pretty good musician.” 

Here’s the music video for Jesse’s latest song, Right Now.

The 27 Club. 

Living a comfortably miserable life is all too common. We all have the ability to live better. 

Here’s the music video for Jesse’s song, Cherry.

Anton Wilson is an up and comer in Victoria’s music scene (and more importantly, he treats my daughter great 😉 You can connect with him here. Anton is currently working on a project to be released in 2021.