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Episode Notes

The Boom’s back baby!

For the record, Andrew has ONLY dealt in the legal intoxicants.

John’s a story machine.

Andrew was right. It’s Ukraine NOT The Ukraine.

Schwans was literally just bought out by another Company. Perhaps they didn’t want their profits to melt away.

The fact is Andrew was never dead and he resents the accusation.

John said honk 21 times. We didn’t feel the need to edit…apparently.

Would you like to know more about Hermits?

—————————————————————————Episode Notes:

Mike Reilly does play in the CFL just not THIS Mike Reilly.

Mike made an appearance on the podcast in the spring when we recorded Live at the Your Entrepreneur Summit. We’re happy to have him back!

Here are all the places Mike Reilly volunteers his time at:

Here’s Karina’s excellent episode where she shared how volunteerism helped her in the midst of her depression and how she was able to leave her stagnant life (career, relationship) and start fresh. Mike had a similar realization in this episode.

“You can want a person to make better decisions for themselves but until they want to, there’s nothing you can do. It’s not your job to make somebody else happy.” – Mike Reilly

“Money is neither good nor bad, it’s just a tool like anything else.” – M.R.

Make sure your financial goal has meaning and emotion attached to it.

Apparently Mike watches Bachelor in Paradise. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Positive visualization of a future financial goal (e.g. vacation) is more effective than resenting having to put money away for an undefined goal.

“Savings never has buyers remorse.” – M.R.

What if your financial struggles have more to do with a poor mindset or a bad habit rather than how much money you are not making?

People often feel like it’s pointless to put away a small amount of money. Or pay off a small bill. In reality, this small act can begin a new habit that can snowball into something huge!

Automating your saving is probably the smartest and most rewarding decision you can make.

If you, like half of Canada, are struggling with your finances. Seek Mike out! He really is a wealth of information. You can connect with him here.