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At 96, George is our oldest guest. At 11, Roman is our youngest. Maeve is younger than George and older than Roman. Hi Maeve. 🙂

Enjoy the chiming of George’s clock in this episode.

“We need to sacrifice ourselves. Not just in big things but in little things every day.” – George Brewster

“I’m continually trying to become a better person and I intend to do so until the end of my days.” – George Brewster

George was honoured along with his fellow Veterans at the BC Lions last home game. Here’s some footage from that great day!

“I’m just an ordinary man trying to do some things which are sometimes more than I’m capable of.” – George Brewster

George made friends with some of the German pilots after the war. (Luftwaffe).

“The ordinary people did extraordinary things. The heroism I saw all around me astonished me. It has lasted me a life time.” – George Brewster

Here’s the book George referred to, A Higher Call.

George’s dramatic story of taking out a moving train loaded with troops while under fire and losing his Wingman is yet another reminder of the reality of War and one of the more memorable events for George.

What motivated George to continue to get back in the plane day after day is focusing on each moment as it came up. “That was my job. I had no other job but keep myself in readiness to do what I was trained to do and do it. That was my whole purpose in life at the time. You just had to do what you had to do.”

George mentioned Johnnie Johnson as one of his finest leaders. Johnnie made a great name for himself in the War.

Charles Hoey was born in Duncan, BC and died bravely in combat. He is memoralized in Duncan.

George loves his Yorkton oatmeal. He eats it multiple times a day and credits it to his longevity.

George keys to longevity: Oatmeal, Drinking Water, Relaxation, Creative Pursuits and Gratitude.

You learn more by serving others than serving yourself. You enjoy good gifts more with others than just yourself.

George’s spontaneous recitation of 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 in Gaelic was amazing! As is his memory.

Ceilidh is a Scottish party or celebration.

George credits his joy and love for life with his ability to forgive. Forgiveness allows us to move on and move towards something better.

George’s recitation of the epic poems In Flanders Fields and High Flight from memory is something we’ll never forget.

George ended our conversation with a hope that it would touch perhaps even one person. Let’s make sure it does folks! Lest we forget.