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This has been… Obstacle Course! Thank you for listening, friends.

Andrew’s song lyrics: “Every new beginning is some other new beginning’s, end.”

This final episode isn’t a memorial, it’s a celebration. 

If you’ve listened to every episode, you’ve spent over 7500 hrs with us. 

Check ya later folks.

Union Pacific Coffee Shop has great atmosphere and delicious coffee/home-made food.

“Ironically Wim doesn’t respond well to cold calls.” Gold. 

“This podcast has never been one to make us money but we don’t want it to cost us a lot either.” haha. 

The episode where John learned to be present.

Hosting Stories of Resilience.

Jesse Roper’s incredible episode.

“Screw it up, just go for it, hang it out there. People will love you more for hanging it out there then trying to be something you’re not.” – Jesse Roper

When you’re ok with who you are, you’ll stop making everything about you.

Our guests were people willing to take action!!

It’s not about being fearless but fearing less.

Courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

The power of vulnerability is it draws people near.

Shoutout to our Decaf Bengal Spice tea that prevented our mouths from drying up while recording.

“We know this has been a success if it inspires people to make a small act of courage.”

Numbers are only one story of the experience.

John learned to how to make space for other people.

Andrew learned he is best when he asks the questions. 

“Never let our ambitions confuse us from who we really are.” Jim Collins.

“Why not just be yourself?”

“You will never say something worth remembering if you can’t say it from the depths of who you truly are.” 

The three principles that guided all of our guest choices and conversations.

  1. Authenticity
  2. Vulnerability
  3. Good Story Telling Ability

Brene Browne! 

It’s impossible to tell a great story story without being authentic and vulnerable.

“So clearly, this is well rehearsed.” It always was…n’t …. 

Obstacles are opportunities we can learn and grow from.

Obstacle Course is a mindset, a decision and a life long habit. That’s why it never ends.

Often, obstacles start as a feeling. 

“I will always look back and remember that we hosted a show that encouraged people to not be overtaken by the tough things in life but to allow the tough things to toughen them up so they could move forward and do what’s truly meaningful and great in the world.” 

Thank you Judy!!! Your peanut butter cookies will never be be bested.

Thank you Andy Robertson for getting us going. 

Thank you Angie and Sarah for your unending support, belief and for speaking truth.

Thank you guests for sharing your souls. You will forever be in our hearts.

Last but not least, thank you for listening. We love you. Check ya later 🙂 

You are not alone.

We love you and keep pushing through those obstacles. Thanks folks.