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Yet another episode that begins with Andrew dropping an F-bomb. Explicit Content it is.

“Squirrels shouldn’t be that large.” AL

Jana was initially invited to appear on our Spirituality Roundtable but we quickly realized her experiences warranted a full episode.

Psychedelics are growing in popularity for their notable benefits with mental health. Check out Michael Pollan’s fascinating new book on his experiences with psychedelics and what they taught him about life and death.

For a great night of memories, check out Victoria’s Empress hotel.

While Hugh Grant was great in Notting Hill, Sense and Sensibility and Bridget Jones, About a Boy is probably his best work. Music and Lyrics wasn’t his best work.

Best to not offer John any stimulants, chemicals, candy, anything really. Herbal tea only please.

“I did want a memorable night and I had envisioned that I might end up naked in bed with my wife. But not quite like this.” – JC

Look for more Roundtable conversations this Spring! Next up… Why Is Sleep so Challenging?

Conversations within a vacuum suck.

Jana lives in sunny LA but spends as much time in Brazil as she can.

“Spirituality is the beautiful mystery of who we are.” – Jana

Stations of the Cross…Fit?…..It’s a real thing folks. My brother combined his 2 passions. Exercise and Jesus.

“Spirituality gives us tools to discover the truth of who we really are. We need to get curious” – Jana

Dealing with our Shadow (ego and attachment) is our most important life’s work.

“Source loves us so unconditionally that we are allowed the freedom to believe that we are not loved. That is WILD!!!” – Jana

Here’s more information on the healer John of God including his arrest.

“Spirit doesn’t have shame, worry or doubt. The soul doesn’t judge, it just wants to create.” Jana

Ayahuasca is a drink derived from an Amazonian plant/vine. When taken, DMT is released and the work begins. It is meant to be taken as part of a Shamanic lead sacred ceremony (not on a weekend back packing trip) and has traditionally been used as a “purging” ceremony. Difficult to describe, it is best experienced. Like the Matrix. 🙂

“Can I say fucker?” It turns out you can. 🙂 Triangular Headed Fucker to be precise.

Andrew: “So.. a couple things… as you might imagine…”

“Context matters when you’re dealing with plant medicine. The setting is everything.” Jana

“Intention is everything and the best work you can do.” Andrew

On Protecting Yourself: “When red flags came up in the past, I’d want to paint them white. Now I listen to my gut.” Jana

“Freedom brings a power of creation.” Jana

If you want to connect with Jana, she leads spiritual retreats in Brazil! Take the Road to Jana! 🙂