The Sky Is Blue

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You wake up. It’s 4am. Why can’t you ever sleep in? You reach for your phone and swipe.

  • COVID cases continue to skyrocket in BC
  • Masks now mandatory at your favorite shopping center
  • Smokey skies expected through Monday
  • Trump Trump Trump Trump
  • CERB set to end October 3
  • Only 5 people liked my last post
  • 2020 has been a literal nightmare!!!!
  • My anxiety is worse than ever
  • I think I might be depressed
  • Why do I always feel like shit, you wonder, as you continue to scroll…

I get it. We’re living in dark times. I used to miss the blue sky too.

Until I realized…the sky is blue.

It’s always been blue.

It’s blue right now!

And clouds and smoke and Trump don’t mean shit. Like Breaking News, they blow in and blow out and no matter how dark they make things feel, the blue sky remains – above us and within us.

We can curse the clouds and choke on the smoke or we can soar above them to clearer days and bluer skies.

Come fly with me.