The Dark Night

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We started this podcast because we believe in the darkness.

This darkness can last an hour, a month, a year. It is universal. And universally disdained. Why do we curse the darkness?

It feels random and without form. It’s unfair. Terrifying! And hurts like hell.

What if we get the darkness we’re ready for?

That’s a loaded question.

Tell that to the parents who lost their kid to cancer. To the woman who lost her innocence. To the professional who lost his career. To the family who lost their house. To the untold people who have lost their lives.

Joseph Campbell was once asked, “What is the purpose of all of the world’s great myths and stories?” And you thought Andrew’s questions were hard. Campbell’s response was, “The transformation of our consciousness.” When asked, “How is this consciousness transformed?” His response was… “By the trials.”




What if our trials are meant to wake us up? So we can see the light.

What if the darkness we disdain is the journey we must take to have our eyes opened and our consciousness transformed?

Instead of cursing it, we could depend on it.

How might this change everything?