EP63 - Getting Curious When Life Crumbles

May 20 | 65 min

In this harrowing episode, we sat down with Joseph Briante and discussed what led to his violent suicide attempt. As a successful lawyer with a “pimped up lifestyle,” Joseph seemed to have it all. Meanwhile, a growing darkness and depression had been building. A psychotic break led to Joseph cutting his carotid artery resulting in a dramatic loss of speech and memory. For the past decade, Joseph has worked his way back from death to life – including relearning speech and movement. Joseph cites curiosity and creativity as the twin engines that have kept him going and today he loves life and shares his creations with the world. This! Is Another Remarkable Obstacle Course Story. Let’s Go!

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EP62 - Dancing With Ourselves

May 13 | 67min

For episode 62, we sat down with Christy Greenwood, a life-long student of plants, music, dance, and creativity. Christy has been practicing intuitive energy work, bodywork, and massage therapy for 20 years. She also offers Plants & Dance Rewilding journeys in-person and online. She lives with her husband and son in the Cowichan Valley. This! Is another incredible journey. Let’s Go!

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EP61 - Loving Past Our Fears

May 6 | 52min

For episode 61 we sat down with Toni King- Rose and discussed his work as a 21-year-old funeral director. One week into his training, Toni saw a gap and decided to pursue End of Life Care for the Trans community. In this conversation, we discuss Toni’s decision as a 15-year-old to embrace his true identity, the week with his Grandma that changed his life, and why he gives his life to death. This! Is Obstacle Course. Let’s Go.

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EP60 - An Antidote To Obstacles

April 29 | 69min

In our landmark 60th episode, we talk with Ashley and Chris Lewar, creators of Antidote Healing Ltd. After a horrific car accident that nearly took their lives, Chris and Ashley’s lives were flipped upside down. Rather than fall into a cycle of bitterness and pain, they rose up and found healing. They are now sharing their healing elixirs with the world thus completing the hero’s journey. We also discuss their week with Wim Hof plus their dog Angus says hello! This! Is Obstacle Course. Let’s Go!!

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