EP69 - Finding Ben Kilmer: Part One

July 15 | 60min

This story begins with a beautiful dream at the top of a mountain. Ben Kilmer had purchased a 9-acre property on the Malahat and standing with Tonya by his side, he popped the question. “Can you see our life here?” The dream commenced but sadly, it was never realized. Ben became trapped in a nightmare from which he couldn’t escape. On May 16, 2018, Ben went missing and after a 5-month search, his body was discovered near the Chemainus River. We sat down with Ben’s wife Tonya to ask 2 key questions. What happened to Ben? How can we prevent this from happening to somebody else? What resulted was over 3 hrs of courageous conversation. This first episode focuses on Ben before he went missing. This! Is Obstacle Course.

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EP68 - The Art of Coco Jones

July 1 | 57min

For our 68th conversation, we had local artist and painter, Coco Jones, in-studio and we discussed her process, how pain informs her compulsion, the healing power of psychedelics, and the power of the artist to transform. This conversation could be described as a work of art. We started with a blank canvas, added some colorful conversation, and by the end, we had a striking creation that hopefully stands the test of time. This! Is Obstacle Course. Let’s go!

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EP67 - Black Lives Matter

June 17 | 67min

For our 67th conversation, we sat down with three powerful young women and the organizers of Victoria’s most recent BLM peaceful protest – Pamphinette Buisa, Vanessa Simon and Asiyah Robinson. In this hope-filled conversation we discuss racism in all its forms, why silence is complicit, what BLM is and isn’t, and how we can all learn to become anti-racist. All Lives can’t matter until Black Lives Matter. This! Is Obstacle Course. Vic sees. Vic hears.

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EP66 - Mind, Body and Everyday Eastern Philosophy

June 10 | 71min

Episode 66 is another transformative conversation as we sat down with the amazing Lindsay Knazan. A student of Eastern Philosophy and teacher of everyday Buddhism and yoga practices, Lindsay is a wealth of wisdom! Like all gurus, her training has come via her own pain and suffering. If we can learn to embrace these difficult emotions, we discover a freedom and strength we never knew we had. We also discuss shame, anxiety, learning to love ourselves, and the importance of PLAY. This! Is Obstacle Course. Let’s Go.

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