EP45 - Dropping the Act and Getting Real

January 15 | 118 min.

For episode 45, we chatted with the great Jim Gardiner! Jim was a “weak asthmatic kid,” who couldn’t run half a mile and often ended up in the hospital for weeks at a time. One day, he decided he wasn’t going to let asthma control his life anymore. From there, he became a champion rower, legendary bartender, successful business owner, off-Broadway performer, and inspiring life coach. Along the way, he worked out with The Rock, got a great tip from Colin Farrell, witnessed Robin Williams’ sadness, survived 911 and learned that despite his incredible accomplishments, fulfillment only comes from contribution -which he’s currently doing as a powerful coach with Leapzone Strategies. This is a GREAT conversation and checks all the boxes of what we’re trying to do with this Podcast. This! Is Obstacle Course. Let’s Go.

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EP44 - Stories of Mental Health

January 8 | 57min

Welcome to 2020 everyone! For the first episode of the year, we’re proud to present the behind-the-scenes conversations we had with the speakers and organizers of The Connection Project. For this episode to make any sense whatsoever, you first need to watch the video and witness the incredible stories of mental health that are shared there – including John’s, who was one of the speakers. There is power in our stories and we all need to be heard.

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EP43 - Christmas, Consumerism and Kindness (plus our favourite food and films)

December 18 | 70 min

For our 43rd and final episode of 2019, we talk Christmas! We discuss our traditions, our favourite holiday food and films, why we love Christmas and why we don’t. We also cover off the history, toxicity and beauty behind gift giving. This fun/informative episode is our gift to you! Enjoy folks. 🙂

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EP42 - The Courage to Comeback from Abuse

December 11 | 97 min

For episode 42, we sat down with Courage to Comeback Award winner, Suzanne Venuta. Suzanne was one of 9 children raised in abject poverty and experienced horrific abuse causing her to eventually disassociate as a way to cope with the trauma. We talk to Suzanne about what’s it’s like to live with DID (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) and how she eventually learned to forgive her abusers and become whole. We also talked about Suzanne’s many adventures with Outward Bound! Suzanne is currently bringing hope to many through her inspirational volunteer work with schools and online through her writing. She has her sights set on giving a TED talk next. This! Is Obstacle Course. Let’s Go!

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