EP53 - It’s All In Your Head

March 11 | 73min

For episode 53, we sat down with clinical psychologist, author, and teacher Nick Wignall. Nick has the rare ability to cut through all the noise and eloquently identify those things that sabotage us and cause us needless suffering. When it comes down to it, life is all in our head. As easy as it is to get lost in there, Nick is a seasoned guide who can show us the way. If you’ve ever struggled with stress, anxiety, panic, overthinking, negative self-talk or just can’t seem to think straight…This! Is an episode not to be missed. Let’s Go!

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EP52 - Round Table: Are You Paying Attention

March 4 | 80 min

For our 52nd episode, we brought back 3 guests for a varied yet fascinating Round Table discussion on Attention. We live in a world of distraction and unless we know our values and are mindfully aware of those things crying out for our attention, we will continue to be tossed around, anxious and unproductive. More importantly, we’ll miss out on quality time with the ones we love. This! Is Obstacle Course. Let’s Pay Attention!

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EP51 - Conversations on Cannabis

February 26 | 89 min

For our 51st episode, we hosted East Coasters Juliane Nowe and her partner Fabian Henry. Fabian was a veteran of the Canadian Military spending over a decade serving in Afghanistan. When he retired he was given 9 prescriptions to help him deal with his PTSD. The prescriptions made his suffering worse and so at 31 years old, Fabian tried Cannabis for the first time. It changed his life. Meanwhile, Juliane had been struggling with her own health problems including the loss of her voice and she, too, had been prescribed conventional medicine that wasn’t working. Cannabis is what brought them together and ultimately, is what brought us together! If you’re looking for an alternative way to feel better and you want to experience holistic healing, this episode is for you! This! Is Obstacle Course. Let’s Go!

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EP50 - Not all who wander are lost

February 19 | 99 min

For our landmark 50th episode, we welcomed Andrew’s partner, Sarah, into the studio. Together, they shared some incredible adventures of their winter trip to Chile. We discussed the peril they met at the top of a mountain, what it felt like to be rescued at sea and why the hell they choose to take weird vacations like these. We also discussed the importance of traveling according to our values, how traveling increases our resilience, the nature of anxiety and why the fear surrounding the Coronavirus is probably unwarranted. This! Is Obstacle Course. Let’s Go!

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