EP77 - Sex With Dr.Cheryl

October 14 | 77 min

Sex and intimacy tend to be taboo subjects that aren’t talked about even though they are often both lacking in relationships. Which is why we decided to reach out to Dr. Cheryl Fraser. Dr. Cheryl is a world-renown sex therapist, psychologist, speaker, and author of the popular book, Buddha’s Bedroom. Dr. Cheryl cuts through all the awkwardness and bullshit and talks about why great sex begins in the head, why so many of us struggle, how we can be better lovers and why Nipple Nipple Crotch Goodnight is often a sign we’re being lazy lovers. If you’re ready to take your sexuality to the next level, you’ve come to the right place! Be sure to check out the show notes of this episode to take advantage of an incredible opportunity with Dr. Cheryl!! This! Is Obstacle Course. Let’s get it on!

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EP76 - The Jesse Roper Show

October 7 | 75min

We’re excited to share our incredible episode with local rock star, Jesse Roper! We discuss the journey to the peak, the job of the artist, what it means to be authentic, and what makes a great musician. We also talk about Jesse’s music videos, his newest song, and his memorable trip to Toronto for Canadian Music Week. This! Is Obstacle Course. Rock On!

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EP75 - Blazing Your Trail

September 30 | 69min

For our landmark 75th episode, we hit the road to Trailblazers Estate in Nanoose Bay and sat down with Isabelle Mercier Turcotte and Margarita Romano – the powerful women behind LeapZone Strategies. This inspirational, energetic, and hilarious conversation begins by discussing the role fear plays in achieving excellence and the process required to prepare for a TED talk. From there we discuss Isabelle and Margarita’s business and life partnership as well as their amazing connection with their horses. Their story of love and connection is stunning and will have you inspired to do as they do and focus on the beauty within – free of labels. This! Is Obstacle Course. Let’s Go!

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EP74 - Athletics in 2020

September 16 | 66 min

For episode 74, we brought back not one but three elite athletes to discuss the state of fitness, sport, and competition in today’s COVID world. Gold Medalist Adam Kreek, Ironwoman Champion Sara Gross, and Fitness Guru Simon Young come back to the Podcast to share tips on how they stay motivated, the future of competition, and the importance of sweat. There’s so much energy in this episode you may even hear a faint buzz in the background. This! Is Obstacle Course.

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