EP84 - Let Love Lift Us Higher: Part Two

February 10 | 48 min

For our final Obstacle Course interview, we’re excited/sad to share the second part of our conversation with Josh Dueck. In this episode, Josh shares his current obstacles and dreams for the future. This! Has Been Obstacle Course. Thanks for listening!

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EP83 - Let Love Lift Us Higher: Part 1

January 27 | 45 min

For our final guest interview, we sat down with gold medalist, Josh Dueck. In 2004, Josh broke his back while attempting a ski jump rendering him paralyzed from the waist down. As devastating as this was, Josh didn’t give in to despair and rose up to Paralympic gold including becoming the first person in history to perform a backflip in a sit-ski. In Part One of this epic conversation, we talk to Josh about the events that led to his accident and how it felt to land his iconic jump. In the introduction, John talks about the events that led to his recent cheese cutting accident and how it felt to land in the emergency room. This! Is Obstacle Course.

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EP82 - Drugs, Prison And The One Thing You Can Control

January 13 | 71min

We’re back in the studio and to kick off 2021, we sat down with Jeff Sorensen, creator of Breath Army. For decades, Jeff was trapped in a cycle of fierce addiction and lived a life out of control. This led to numerous near-death experiences, crime (including time spent working in the infamous Sinaloa Mexican Cartel), and many stints in prison. At rock bottom, Jeff chose life over death and discovered the one thing he could control and would never fail him. His breath. Join us for this remarkable story. It’s a matter of life and death! In the introduction, John and Andrew discuss the 75HARD challenge.

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EP81 - Kara’s Will To Survive

November 25 | 63 min

Today we speak with the remarkable Kara Robinson Chamberlain. When Kara was only 15 years old, she was kidnapped in broad daylight by a serial killer who stuffed her into a rubber maid container and took her back to his apartment where he sexually assaulted her repeatedly over an eighteen-hour period. We talk to Kara about her will to survive and how she found the courage and resourcefulness to escape her restraints and help the police track down her captor. We also talk about the importance of sharing your story and how social media platforms like Tik Tok can actually make you happy. This! Is Obstacle Course.

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