EP73 - What Was That? Jon Williams: Part Two

September 2 | 80 min

In episode 73, we continue our conversation with the great Jon Williams. Jon is a former host of The Zone 91-3 and current host of Victoria’s newest radio station, What Was That? We talk about the origin of Jon’s new show, why he left The Zone, his hopes and dreams for What Was That? and the importance of facing our own darkness. What Was That? is now LIVE. Look after yourself. Have fun. And for goodness sake, smile.

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EP72 - Who Is That? Jon Williams – Part One

August 26 | 73min

For our 72nd episode, we sat down with Jon Williams, formerly of The Zone 91-3 and present host of Victoria’s newest internet radio station, What Was That? In Part 1 of our conversation, we talk about the violent sexual abuse Jon experienced as a 10-year-old growing up in England, how he learned to find his true voice, the importance of vulnerability, and the key to a great interview. This fast-moving conversation is sure to entertain and inspire you as you seek to discover your own voice. In Part 2, Jon opens up about why he left The Zone and started his own radio station. This! Is Obstacle Course.

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EP71 - Finding Ben Kilmer: Part Three

August 12 | 50 min

In the final part of our conversation, Tonya shares how she was able to endure this unimaginable trauma. She points to self-care, spirituality, exercise, connecting in community, and most importantly, her kids, as the life preservers that prevented her from drowning in grief. She also highlights the importance of calling 911 if you or someone you love is on the edge. Isolation is deadly and we must be militant in maintaining strong connections in our families and our communities. Thank you for listening and sharing these crucial conversations.

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EP70 - Finding Ben Kilmer: Part Two

July 29 | 49min

For our landmark 70th episode, we continue our conversation with Tonya Kilmer. In Part 2, we focus on the details surrounding the case. For years, Vancouver Island has sought closure around what went wrong with Ben Kilmer – a strong, local, family man. Many people are still convinced foul play had to be involved as they can’t imagine Ben could have taken his own life. Rather than chase conspiracies, we asked Tonya to share once and for all what she learned from the police reports, phone records, Ben’s vehicle, and his final resting place by Chemainus River. We also asked Tonya to address the people who were making up the conspiracies. The result is another epic example of courageous storytelling. We remain thankful to Tonya and Ben’s family for trusting us to host their story. This! Is Obstacle Course.

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