EP49 - Wild Spirituality and the Beautiful Unknown

February 12 | 110 min

For our 49th episode, we sat down with Alejandra Valenzuela to discuss her “wild” relationship with Spirituality and what she calls, “the beautiful unknown.” After experiencing multiple sexual assaults and the death of her brother, Jana took a year off to heal. Her healing led her to Brazil where she met the famed healer and now criminal John of God and experienced a spiritual awakening while using Ayahuasca for the first time. Jana has since experienced Aya dozens of times and now leads spiritual retreats in Brazil to help others connect with their multidimensional selves. Intrigued? You should be. This conversation reminds us that we all have a choice. We can descend into our shadow selves and get lost in our ego and attachments or we can connect with our higher self and experience transformation. This! Is Obstacle Course. Let’s Go!

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EP48 - Getting In Alignment

February 5 | 92 min

In episode 48, we sit down with physiotherapist, small business owner, athlete, author and speaker, Wendy Bowen. We talk John’s dislocated shoulder, Wendy’s heartbreaks, Andrew’s charging station and the importance of living in balance and alignment with our true self and values. Like Wendy, this conversation is fun, upbeat and full of empathy and practical wisdom. If you’re feeling out of sorts in your heart, body or mind, this episode is for you!

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EP47 - Leadership Lessons and Personal Mastery

January 29 | 110 min

For episode 47, we sat down with Ian Chisholm. “Chiz” is the founding partner of Roy Group, an organization specializing in leadership development and training. In this conversation, we discuss the difference between leadership and mentorship, the myths of entrepreneurship, personal mastery, Star Wars, The Inner Game of Golf, the power of distilled personal mission statements, workaholism, knowing your limits, getting out of your own way and how to hire people that aren’t like you. We also discussed Fuck Up Nights and why sharing your failures is a sign of wisdom and strength. This! Should be required listening. Let’s Go!

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EP46 - Gut Check

January 22 | 86 min

For our 46th episode, we talk good food, regular bowel movements and how to maintain a healthy gut. Yvonne King suffered from an undiagnosed irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for 30 years before she finally discovered the allergies (gluten, dairy) that were causing her suffering. This episode reminds us that we are all bio-individuals and it’s crucial that we get curious about our body’s response to the foods and drinks we’re consuming. If they make you groggy, foggy, anxious, hyper, angry, bloaty or give you diarrhea, best to make a courageous change. Listening to your body and this episode could just be your new way forward. This! Is Obstacle Course. Let’s flow!

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